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Formula 4 Cup

Each National Sporting Authority (ASN) will have the right to nominate one driver for the competition.

The groundbreaking new Formula 4 car was designed and built by KC Motorgroup Ltd. (KCMG) specifically for the FIA Motorsport Games, making it the first hybrid-powered single-seater outside of Formula 1.

It will also be the first F4 car to feature a Halo safety device, which is currently in use in Formula 1, Formula 2 and Formula 3 and which was not due until the next generation of F4 cars in 2021.

The category will utilise an “arrive and drive” format and all cars will be operated by Hitech GP with identical set-ups and limited tyres, and with data being shared between all drivers and engineers.

The participation cost will be €25,000 per car plus a €4,000 refundable deposit as a guarantee for damage.

The Formula 4 Cup will feature alongside five other disciplines of the event – the GT Cup, Touring Car Cup, Drifting Cup, Karting Slalom Cup and Digital Cup.

The Sporting Regulations of the FIA Motorsport Games are available at

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